"One Day At A Time"

Lakeport Web Page

Lakeport 1190 N Forbes St. Lakeport, CA 95453

Mon. 7:30 PM 12 Cubed Group BS
Thur: 6:30 PM Men’s Meeting DM

527 Konocti Ave.

7:30 PM “Cotton Ball-Beginners Meeting” DM

832 Lakeport Blvd., Lakeport, CA 95453

9 AM Lakeport Fellowship Came To Believe DM
12 PM Lakeport Fellowship DM
5 PM Back to Basics for the Newcomer DM
Mon. 7AM Early Bird DM
9 AM Daily Reflection DM
12 N Lakeport Fellowship DM
Tues. 9 AM Early Bird DM 12 N Lakeport Fellowship DM 4:30 PM
Tuesdays Miracles Womens DM
Wed. 7 AM Living Sober DM
9 AM Lakeport Fellowship DM
12 N 12 & 12 BS
7 PM Lakeport Fellowship Literature DM
Thurs. 9 AM How to Group DM
12 N Lakeport Fellowship As Bill See’s It DM
Fri. 9 AM As Bill See’s It DM
12 N Big Book Study BS/DM
Last week of Month S/DM
7 PM Lakeport Fellowship Speaker S/DM
Sat. 9 AM Living Sober DM
12 N Right Now DM

Sutter Lakeside Hospital • 5176 Hill Road East (Conference Room)

Wed. 7 PM Living Sober H&I- DM 2nd and 4th Wednesday ONLY