"One Day At A Time"

Lowerlake Web Page

The Lower Lake Fellowship “First Things First”
9800 State Highway 53 Wilson St.
Silver Dollar Plaza, Suite E, Lower Lake


Mon. 12 N Lower Lake Attitude Adjustment DM
5 PM Women’s Check In (Women Only) DM
8 PM Lower Lake Beginner’s DM
Tue. 12 N Big Book Study DM
8 PM Higher Powered
Wed. 12 N Chair and Share
8 PM Lower Lake Fellowship DM
Thurs.. 12 N Ask It Basket
8 PM Lower Lake 12 x 12 DS
Fri. 12 N 12 x 12 Study BS
8 PM As Bill See’s It DM
Sat. 12 N There is a Solution DM
8 PM Saturday Night Live DM
Sun. 12 N Nooners DM
7:00 PM Potluck Chip Once a Month BD
(only one meeting a month on last Sun of Month)
8 PM Relationships In Sobriety DM

United Methodist Church
“Fellowship Hall”
16255 2nd St, Lower Lake, CA 95457


Tuesday 10AM DM

Thursday 10AM DM